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Marine Lubricants Distributor

Eco Marine and Energy Company (Eco) is one of Jamaica’s leading supplier of marine lubricants, featuring a full line of oils and greases for diesel engines and marine auxiliary equipment.
We market and exclusively distribute the prestigious Castrol brand, the world’s most advanced marine lubricant.
We boast an extensive supply network throughout Jamaica, with presence at most ports in the island. See our port directory listing. We deliver lubricants in drums, pails, and IBC totes island wide.

Lubricants for Marine Applications

castrol Lubricant drumb port
Castrol Marine Lubricant Product Line

The main Castrol product line sold are:
Diesel Engine Oils (e.g. Castrol TLX Plus/XXTRA Range and MHP Range)
Cylinder Oils – 2 Stroke (e.g. Cyltech Range),
Hydraulic Oils - (e.g. Hyspin Range) and Greases (e.g. Spheerol Range).
Greases - (e.g. Spheerol Range)




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Unparallel Expertise

Our management team has over eighty combined years of experience in the lubricant industry.

safety first

Safety is paramount to us, and as a team, we are committed to making it our top priority in all aspects of our operations.


ECO Marine exclusively distributes the Castrol brand marine lubricants.